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Majestic Journey

Majestic Journey

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Keyboard soundscapes that will take you on a majestic journey. An hour of instrumental music tuned to 432Hz.

Released November 30, 2012

Track List:

Majestic Journey 12:57  ©️2012 by John L. Tussey Jr. ASCAP

Another Place 09:08  ©️2012 by John L. Tussey Jr. ASCAP

Peaceful Flowing Sweeping 08:40  ©️2012 by John L. Tussey Jr. ASCAP

The Path of a Grateful Heart 08:23  ©️2012 by John L. Tussey Jr. ASCAP

Path of Serenity 15:26  ©️2012 by John L. Tussey Jr. ASCAP

Enlightened 07:08  ©️2012 by John L. Tussey Jr. ASCAP

℗ 2012 by John L. Tussey Jr.

Executive Producer: John Tussey

All keyboard instrumentals composed, arranged, performed and recorded on the evening of October 5th, 2012 by John Tussey at the home of John and Linda Keough in Hawaii.
Mixed and edited by John Tussey at New Realm Music Recording Studio in Pearl City, Hawaii

CD Mastering by Bob St. John at Neos Productions in Mililani, Hawaii

Cover photo taken at Amsterdam Forest in The Netherlands by Lars van de Goor. Photo used by permission.

Graphic Design and Layout by Robert Cook

You may purchase copies of this CD by contacting John Tussey:
Phone: (808) 497-1512

You may also purchase this CD online at iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. Type John Tussey in the search box.

Please do not burn copies of this CD.
If you would like to share this CD with your friends and family,
please purchase a copy for them. Your respect is appreciated.

For more information about the contents of this CD, please contact John Tussey.

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