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Heavenly Soundscapes CD

Heavenly Soundscapes CD

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"Heavenly Soundscapes" is an atmospheric, spatial, ambient instrumental musical adventure into wide open spaces of serene delight. The sound palettes are warm, inviting and embracing. Come and take a journey that you will love!
These frequencies were used to derive the tunings for this album: 171.25Hz, 271.25Hz, 371.25Hz, 471.25Hz and 571.25Hz. There are two tracks for each of the tunings associated with these frequencies.
℗ 2019 by John L. Tussey Jr.
Track List:
1. A New Day 05:35
2. Bright Horizon 05:32
3. Floating in Freedom 06:29
4. Ethereal Wonder 05:01
5. Beyond the Sky 05:14
6. Choir of Heaven 03:42
7. A Place of Profound Peace 04:50
8. Sweeping Serenity 05:39
9. Regal Moments 05:09
10. Serene Dreams 06:08
The CD is available in the U.S. only unless the customer wishes to pay for International Priority Mail. All sales are FINAL unless the CD is defective. The digital download album is available on iTunes, and Bandcamp.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Renee Grochowski

Heavenly Soundscapes CD

Thank you Renee!


I bought 2 of them. One for myself and one for a gift. Both of them played halfway through then stopped and the CD player read not playable. This happened on both of them and another CD I purchased. I bought a total of 5 CD’s and now I’m afraid they are going to destroy my CD player. Very disappointed

Rita, I just read this and am really sorry about what you have experienced.

Thank you for sending me the CD's that didn't play in your CD player in the self-stamped envelope I provided for you. I have played all 3 CD's you returned from beginning to end and they all played perfectly in my CD player without any skips, errors or problems.
Again, I am sorry for the experience you had.

Wendy Chapman

The music is very relaxing and calming. I am listening to it as a drive in traffic. Very helpful.

Thank you for your kind comment Wendy!