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Frequencies of Life CD

Frequencies of Life CD

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The synthesizer soundscapes on this album were recorded with 9 frequencies of the Periodic Table of Elements (PTOE). The title of each track is named for the specific PTOE frequency it is embedded with. Relaxing and peaceful - recorded to support health and wellness.

℗ 2011 by John L. Tussey Jr.

Track List:
1. O~Oxygen 08:09
2. C~Carbon 05:15
3. H~Hydrogen 05:37
4. N~Nitrogen 05:10
5. C~Calcium 05:48
6. P~Phosphorus 04:17
7. K~Potassium 04:05
8. Mg~Magnesium 03:07
9. Zn~Zinc 02:24

The CD is available in the U.S. only unless customer wishes to pay for International Priority Mail. All sales are FINAL unless the CD is defective. The digital download album is available on iTunes, and Bandcamp.
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