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Frequencies of Abundance 2 - Deep Resonance CD

Frequencies of Abundance 2 - Deep Resonance CD

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Spiritual, ethereal, ambient, easy-listening, spatial and atmospheric are descriptives for the 11 tracks on this album. Emotions evoked while listening are deep and wide and many times, with no words to describe.
You will experience frequency cellular infusion while listening to this music, embedded with the 11 abundant element frequencies in the human body. These elements, Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Calcium, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Chlorine, Potassium, Sodium and Magnesium make up 99.45% of the human body.
℗ 2020 by John L. Tussey Jr.
Track List:
1. Oxygen Deep Resonance 10:24
2. Carbon Deep Resonance 05:12
3. Hydrogen Deep Resonance 05:09
4. Nitrogen Deep Resonance 05:48
5. Calcium Deep Resonance 05:48
6. Phosphorus Deep Resonance 03:31
7. Sulphur Deep Resonance 06:02
8. Chlorine Deep Resonance 04:24
9. Potassium Deep Resonance 05:12
10. Sodium Deep Resonance 04:21
11. Magnesium Deep Resonance 05:56
The CD is available in the U.S. only unless the customer wishes to pay for International Priority Mail. All sales are FINAL unless the CD is defective. The digital download album is available on iTunes, and Bandcamp.
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Customer Reviews

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Love this

The music is sooooo relaxing and the research behind its use is amazing! I play it nonstop in the background of my home

Thank you Eileen for your kind review. I appreciate it and am very glad that you are enjoying the music!